Super Bowl XLVII Package

Kudos to the team and friends at Big Studios for their great work on this year's Super Bowl graphics package for CBS.


Dumb Ways to Die

Great safety video for Melbourne railway operator Metro.


Art in the Dark Promo

We embraced glitch for this projection promoting Art in the Dark here in Auckland. Art directed and designed Logan Bradley. This was a quick recording of the projection from an iPhone, hope to post a better quality clip soon.

Update - A proper edit of the projection;

Art in the Dark Promo Animation from Robert Brienza on Vimeo.



Video Glitch - Art In the Dark Promo Billboard from Brandspank on Vimeo.



PromaxBDA ANZ Sydney 2012

As part of the team over at Brandspank, I had the opportunity to work on the conference open and branding for PromaxBDA ANZ 2012 in Sydney. The origins for this sequence came from what we had done for the PromaxBDA New Zealand back in May of this year. This time we put less focus on a narrative and emphasize beautiful imagery. I personally worked on the 3D elements, including animation. I also got a chance to help out with some of the compositing but it was team effort to push this sequence as far as we could with the time available. Really happy with the results, especially with the audio which was done in-house by Nathan King. It was a cool project to work on, and it was great to head over to Sydney and check out the conference and attend some great keynotes.

This piece was created with Cinema 4D and After Effects.

PromaxBDA Conference and Awards, Sydney 2012 from Brandspank on Vimeo.



New Photography Focused Site...

I've created a new site to focus on my photography over at Taking advantage of Squarespace 6's fancy new abilities I hope to shape this site into what I've always wanted but lack the CSS skills to achieve.

I will keep this site up and running but it will serve the specific purpose of showcasing my motion graphics demo reel and the blog will focus on animation/motion graphics posts, maybe geeky stuff as well. I'm still figuring things out on that end.​

For now, the site is a bit lacking as I play with the new tools available to me, but I hope to start adding content soon.



London 2012 Olympic Games - Trailer - BBC Sport 

Trailer for BBC's coverage of the upcoming Olympic Games in London, music by Elbow. This is a 60 second edit of a 2:40 animation. Created by RKCR/Y&R, Passion and Red Bee Media. Really well done in my opinion.


Evolution of the F1 Car

Nicely executed animation by .



Wanted to share some work I did for Promx NZ 2012 while freelancing at Branspank in Auckland. This was my first real big job in Cinema 4D, and was a real departure from what I usually work on. I was resposible for the 3D elements, camera tracking and some base level compositing.

PROMAX NZ 2012 - Branding and opening film from Brandspank on Vimeo.




SKY App for Android TV Ad

Taking a break from the usual flying 3D logos to bring you a project I wrapped up last week while at Brandspank, an ad for SKY TV's Android app. It was an interesting project to work on, involving keying, tracking, and a bit for 3D for some of the character movements and phones but my proudest moment has to be the fingernail replacement around the 10 second mark Putting that on the CV!


SKY App for Android - 45 second TVC from Brandspank on Vimeo.



Google Maps for NES

This is just amazing. Google wins the April fools internet gag this year, as I doubt anything could come close to being this well done. Google need to make this an app, it's just amazing.