Canon 7D Video Test #2 - Subway

I've revised my initial edit, done a bit more post work in regards to colour correction and added some music.


Canon 7D Video Test #1 - Subway

I recently made the jump and purchased a Canon 7D, upgrading from my first DSLR, a Sony Alpha a100. It's a very impressive camera, amazingly fast, very quiet and impressively built.

At the moment I've only got one lens, a Canon 50mm 1.4. Seeing how I use my Minlota 50mm 1.7 on my a100 about 90% of the time I figured this would be a good choice. At least until I can get a Canon 16mm - 35mm 2.8.

This is a little edit I put together of some test footage I took one day while heading home from work. Just random footage, all hand held to just learn how the camera deals with video. It's actually been pretty busy at work so I haven't had much chance to use the 7D. I'd like to record some full HD video at 24fps.

For this clip, as I mentioned the footage was recorded at 1280x720 at 60fps. I then did a rough edit in After Effects where I also did a general levels adjust and quickly stabilized a couple of shots. I then worked my way down to a 30fps QuickTime with Photo-JPEG compression at 50% at 960x540 which is the clip I've uploaded to Flickr.


Testing out the Squarespace iPhone app...

I accedentaly wiped the apps off of my jailbroken iPod Touch the other day which I used as an excuse to finally update to OS 3.1.2. With that I had to update the apps I had dowloaded and decided to search the app store for any knew interesting apps.

That's when I came across the Squarespace app whoch is what I am using to create this post via my iPod Touch. Seems like a well designed app allowing me to manage my site, view usage stats as well update and create content. It's one of the few apps that makes me want an iPhone for the ability to be always connected. I could see myself posting a lot more often with this app but we'll have to wait and see if that's true.

That being said I still jailbroke my iPod Touch - can't go without the ability to tweak this thing beyond what Apple allows.


Fall in Toronto

Some photos from a recent walk through Toronto's High Park.  Despite the early cold snap there wasn't a drastic change in leaves colours just yet.




PUMA Pitcrew Builds Ferrari Car Out of Clothes

Maybe the only way I can get behind the wheel of a Ferrari F1 car any time soon...


These Irish guys can still rock the house...

Attended my fourth U2 concert in Toronto last week and I must say it was a mighty fine show.  It combined al the best aspects from the Elevation and Vertigo show, evolved them and added that large scale spectacle from the Pop-Mart tour to give fans a really great experience, as U2 show always does.

I brought my trusty Sony Alpha a100 DSLR with me and made do with a Minolta 28mm f/2.8, the results of which you can see below.  You can see more on my Flickr page here.

U2 360 Toronto  1

U2 360 Toronto  4

U2 360 Toronto  3

 I also recorded a few video clips but for now I'll share a sample of Bono and The Edge doing an acoustic version of Stuck in a Moment.



The AGO Study

I finally got a chance to visit the Art Gallery of Ontario, which completed a redevelopment plan by architect Frank Gehry in late 2008.  I didn't have my DSLR with me when I went but managed to get a couple of interesting photos with my small Canon point and shoot. So have a look, and feel free to visit my Flickr page and leave a comment or better yet make me a contact.


MTV's New Look

With the help of UK studio Universal Everything MTV is launching a new look across it's 64 international channels...

MTV International / Sweetheart from Universal Everything.


MTV International / Chocolate Gold Sunset from Universal Everything.


MTV International / Mad Drummer from Universal Everything.

For more info and a few more clips check out the posting on the Creative Review blog.


Interactive Reaction 2009

A nice little piece by Imaginary Forces for Google's Chrome web browser.


Fun with burst mode....

Here's a little clip I made with a sequence of images I took in burst mode while out Saturday for Door Open Toronto.  So who needs a 5D MkII any way...